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Have you been in the situation where you receive countless calls from customers, you cannot show the progress of their order because WooCommerce only have a bunch of status values that is not how your fulfilment or manufacturing process work?

You are not alone. We have created this plugin to remove this gap and let you easily capture every step of your order fulfilment with different status values and define actions when the order status changes. Ie if you want to send an email to the customers when their order has started being prepared? No problem. Order Status Customizer lets you make those definitions from a very simple and intuitive interface, saves you time and eliminates software development costs.

Essential plugin for creating a totally professional WooCommerce store.


  • Define unlimited custom order status values
  • Customization for background and text color of the status
  • Preview for the new status during creation
  • Delete protection. System provides error if you try to delete a status that are used by orders
  • Defining rules and actions based on status transition. Ability to send emails, add notes to the orders, add a fee or call an external api when the order transitions between chosen status values

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You can find the plugin documentation here.


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